Why should I become a member of the PTO and attend the meetings?

With the support of Stanley families, the PTO is able to offer countless programs to enrich your child’s learning. These programs include a robust cultural arts program, financial assistance for field trips, fun (and educational!) after-school programs, and upkeep/on-going improvement of the school’s grounds and play areas – just to name a few.

Mr. Daniels attends every meeting and gives important updates on what is happening. We also have guest speakers who provide us with valuable information, from the interpretation of the MCAs scores, to the School Lunch program, to the evolution of safety drills.

We also need your participation to advocate, as appropriate, for our children. As an example, the Stanley PTO (in addition to the other elementary schools’ PTAs) had been instrumental in helping to influence the school district to purchase the Smart Boards that are now in every class. More recently, we advocated for the purchase of a new “Computer on Wheels” system, integration of a small number of iPads into the daily curriculum, and an upgrade to our district wide library system.

Attending a meeting does not mean that we will ask you to do additional volunteer work. We invite you to attend the meetings, get involved, share your thoughts, and connect with other Stanley families!

Why are Stanley PTO dues higher than other area schools?
Several years ago Stanley parents voted to raise the dues instead asking our membership to sell items such as wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions. We do have additional fundraising sources (e.g., promotions with area restaurants/movie theaters, Holiday Fair, ad sales in the directory, etc.), however, none of them require a child to be involved in selling merchandise.

Do I need to join the PTO to receive a school directory?
No. Although the PTO produces the directory, all families will receive a copy.

What is the PTO/SCHOOL Listserv and will my email address be shared?

The listserv is an unpublished list of e-mail addresses, used by the PTO and school office for the express purpose of disseminating information about PTO and school news, events, and activities. We strongly encourage you to provide your email address so that you may stay informed on all school happenings. Your e-mail will not be given out to anyone else for any other purpose.

What is the difference between PTO After School Program and the Stanley School Extended Day?

Extended day provides families with the opportunity for early drop off and late pick up and is offered throughout the entire school year. PTO After School Programs are enrichment programs that are 8-10 week sessions offered in the Fall and Spring. Examples of ASP programs include Art Classes, iPad classes, and Lego Club. Students enrolled in extended day may also sign up for PTO After School Programs.